My life was changed FOREVER through the fun and worship moments of Elevate's camps


I realized it's not just about having fun with my friends; it's also about growing closer to God


We have a lot of leaders at Elevate's camps because we all love to be there


We offer 7 different camp experiences for students 4th-6th grade!

Amazing Race

June 10-14


We are powering up this summer with a week of racing and teamwork.  As we explore the nature and fun of Camp Destiny, we will be exploring God’s Word too!

Special Features: A full day at Sunsplash, a trip to Rockin’ Jump, the Roseville Aquatic Center, and an Amazing Race throughout the entire week.


Escape Room

June 17-21


Preteen campers will be working together not only to master an Escape Room, but also to help create it!

Special Features: Laser Craze, the Roseville Aquatic Center and Quarry park are just a few reasons to join us this week!


Lights, Camera, Action

June 24-28


Each day, campers at Camp Destiny Studios will work on creating short films for our second Camp Destiny Film Festival!

Special Features: The movies, the Roseville Aquatic Center, John’s Incredible Pizza, Rockin’ Jump, and bowling!


Carnival Camp

July 8-12


A Camp Destiny favorite! Campers will design a booth, run their booth, and play at a carnival at Camp Destiny!

Special Features: A day at the State Fair, the Roseville Aquatic Center, and a trip to Wake Island!


Performing Art Camp

July 15-19


This week preteens will explore their artistic abilities and put on a Talent Show!

Special Features: Roseville Aquatic Center, Rockin’ Jump, Roller Skating, and Broomball


Sports Camp

July 22-26


Campers will explore 4 different sports and compete in a championship game at the end of the week!

Special Features: Wake Island, Roseville Aquatic Center, and a full day at SIX FLAGS!


July 29 – Aug 2


We’ll meet in Rocklin at Destiny Church, and then ride in buses, driven by certified drivers, to Camp Sky Mountain, located in Yuba Gap. There, your preteen will enjoy cabins with indoor plumbing and private showers. This beautiful and well-maintained facility is located miles away from all the distractions of the city. Ever year of camp just gets better and better, and this will be no exception. If you have to choose just ONE camp this summer, this is the one! 

& Schedules
  • Register for 2-3 Camp Destinys: save $50 PER CAMP.
  • Register for 4-5 Camp Destinys: save $55 PER CAMP.
  • Register for all 6 Camp Destinys: save $60 PER CAMP.
  • Add E-Camp to any Camp Destiny: save $10 on E-Camp.
  • Register for ALL 7 Camps: Save $400!
  • Sibling Discount: save $5 per child per camp. Can be combined with Multiple Camp Discounts above.
  • Sunsplash Pass: Save $19 on Camp Destiny #25 if your camper already has a pass.
  • Six Flags Pass: Save $23 on Camp Destiny #30 if your camper already has a pass.
  • Camp Destiny Regular Schedule is M-F 9am-5pm.
  • Early Hang-Out (7:30-9am): 1 day = $8, 5 days = $30
  • Late Hang-Out (5-6:30pm): 1 day = $8, 5 days = $30
  • Early and Late Hang Out: 1 day = $14, 5 days = $50
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